Diopco Oy

Consulting Services for Infrastructure Construction

Diopco's field of operation is in construction contracting and development in earth construction and water engineering projects. We offer, for example, construction contracting and supervision of different kind of road, highway, bridge and earth construction projects in addition to consulting and project management services related to infrastructure construction.

Our services

Construction contracting - Construction site supervision - Safety management

Construction contracting

Contractee consultant

Tasks of construction contracting and project management

  • project preparation and planning
  • building permit tasks
  • tasks of the bidding process
  • contract management
  • tasks during the construction phase
  • meeting practices
  • financial monitoring
  • tasks of completing and delivering the contract
  • tasks during the guarantee period

Diopco´s staff has experience and knowledge of diverse construction contracting tasks.

Construction site supervision

Supervision consulting

Supervision of a construction project includes

  • general supervision
  • supervision planning
  • schedule monitoring and supervision
  • technical and qualitative supervision
  • supervision of environmental effects
  • financial supervision
  • documentation
  • instruction supervision

Safety management

Safety coordinator

The tasks of a safety coordinator include

  • co-operation with project parties
  • tasks of the planning process
  • coordinating and monitoring the work of planners
  • preparing a safety document and other written documents
  • surveillance of executing the contract contents
  • co-operation with the main contractor

We have worked as a safety coordinator in several projects procured by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and municipalities.