About Us

Diopco was founded in March 2015. The registered office is located in Lappeenranta and the company operates in Eastern and Southern Finland.

We offer construction contracting and supervision services in infrastructure construction for companies, public sector and private actors. Our professional staff works in a customer oriented, systematic and cost-effective way. The procedures are constantly improved together with the client. Also, the environmental effects are considered.

Diopco attained RALA Competence by The Construction Quality Association in August 2016 and RALA Certification in June 2018.

Quality, vision and values

Quality policy and objectives

The base of Diopco's quality policy is customer-oriented service. The operation and processes should meet customer needs while following legislation, regulation and orders by the authorities.

The principle of our quality management is in understanding the meaning of quality as the basis for efficient and productive operating. Quality is not a separate sector of operations but the baseline for working. The quality objectives are accomplished by following the procedures and processes of the quality system.


Diopco's vision is to develop the procedures in infrastructure construction to make the entity more and more functional and high-quality. We are a growing and developing organization, and in the future, we aim to have a considerable and a competitive state in the infrastructure field.

In the future, Diopco will be part of big and small infrastructure projects, where contracting, planning, construction, maintenance and supervision operate consistently in order to accomplish the shared goals.


In Diopco, we value mutual co-operation and the employees' personal skills, knowledge and features. Different kind of strengths form a functional work community, where the atmosphere is open-minded and appreciative.

To achieve our goals, the contribution of every member of the work community is highly important from the points of view of economics, operations, quality and development.